We are fine, tired

Rainbow weather wee hours of morning

Luck is fleeting, ephemeral, and sometimes local.

Meteorological rainbows passed over us in waves last night, with the last, shown here, abandoning us by the wee hours. The Guru stood watch, with our basement refuge ready.

Tornadoes visited people to the west and north, and, since some hit urban/suburban areas, whew, the damage is extensive. Here, the street now is half-dry.

Here on our little street, we are lucky and fine, if a bit tired.

Lightening wee hours of morning

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  1. Pooh says:

    Glad to hear you are among the lucky ones!

    …Sad to hear there was so much damage, and extensive casualties throughout the South. Despite the many homes totally destroyed in St. Louis, we had few serious injuries and no deaths.