Kickball in the park. And I’ve seen kids kicking balls in the space that’s attached to the middle school that’s across the street behind the lovely blooming trees. And I’ve seen school buses on these streets. Normality is returning…a bit.

Another petal-carpet with petal-drifts.

As to the title, this is the over-and-over recommendation phrase from our local meteorologists, as we will have nasty winds and rain from about 1 am to 6 am…hopefully without the awful tornadic action that has already struck not far from here. I expect tossing and turning throughout….

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  1. kayak woman says:

    This is the first week I’ve noticed cars in the Haisley (school) parking lot. I’m not sure at what capacity they’re operating but I am not a fan as cases are again skyrocketing in MI. Yay for Rutgers for requiring a vaccine, hope other universities follow suit. We can’t return to normal until the virus is gone. (Sorry, I’m grumpy today. Is that a vax side-effect? 😉