NOT a bat

Bug not emitting

Bug that’s not currently emitting to any standard.

Today’s biggest excitement was that I was sipping my first cuppa and I heard a strange scrabbly noise off in the corner. Not a good (meaning: appropriate) noise for indoors. Looked toward the noise, and watched a sparrow pop out of my “bag for the UP.” Wha????

It flew up and tried to go through the glass in the door, which didn’t work. So I went over as unthreateningly as possible and opened the inside door and propped open the outside door, leaving and open avenue to the out-of-doors.

We had a smart sparrow. It exited within about ten seconds. Whew!

Then the Guru came in and said “have you had the door open this morning?” What kinda question is that? I was making coffee, was all I could think.

Turned out he’d opened the front door, stepped out on the stoop, and did whatever one does in the morning light in such a situation. And did not see the sparrow enter, as that is when it must have come in just moments before I heard it.

Hair trimmings

As to items on today’s possibly exciting list, I also got a haircut, although I swear this is not my hair color. Apparently it looks like that when wet. At the salon. In any case, that swatch is not attached to my head anymore.


  1. kayak woman says:

    LOL! Love that story!

  2. Pooh says:

    At least the bird hadn’t been in the Up North bag since you were Up North. “I think I’ll migrate South now, this bag looks comfy!”

  3. Sammy says:

    Short-timer sparrow…thankfully.