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Bridge view lesser byway

Sometimes you are lucky, and even when you are traveling between metropolises, you can take non-interstates, and find architectural gems like this bridge across…um, yes, the Ohio, right by the somewhat scary Rockport Generating Station, which WikiPee says has the one of the highest smokestacks (not cooling towers) around.

Farther up the road, we dined in a German sausage restaurant—thankfully, with a salad bar (three dollars extra, mam), and passed through the town of Loogootee. John hypothesized that the name came from a native term or phrase, and I, to be contrary, said, oh, no, it’s corrupted French. Which seems to be likely—ha! (Like I said, ya get lucky once in a while!)

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  1. kayak woman says:

    Reminds me of a bridge near Toledo.