My HR experience begins

Walking on snowy sidewalks

The meteorologists all said it would snow today—days ago. I didn’t quite believe them. They were right; I was skeptical/wrong.

Rose a snowze

However, the mail-dude did get through this morning, and brought my new device. I’ve been wanting something I liked better than my aging fitbit (which seems to wildly undercount my steps these days), and my SIL suggested a cool, tasteful Nokia watch-fitness device. I discovered Nokia would release a new version that also would monitor heart-rate (the Steel HR), and I figured that would be the model for me!

Snow outdoor loveseat

I had to wait some time for it to be released, then ordered it when they finally accepted pre-orders in mid-November…for delivery in “early December,” which I figured was code for about the 14th. I was wrong. Nokia sent an email on the morning of the 5th, saying that my order was shipped. Over on the USPS tracking, they indicated only that a shipping label had been created that morning. That night, though, my package was at a USPS facility. It trickled down over the succeeding days, to be delivered this morning! And I got it set up! Time to walk! Even though the snow was coming down in big wet flakes, we set off. At my slow speed, it wasn’t slick; lucky me!

I was just upstairs, and the white outdoors and on the balcony reflected the light (despite the overcast), reminding me about night snow-light. Meanwhile, the heat’s going and we are toasty warm, with plenty of goodies in the larder. We are good!

Autumnal gravity art

Bar dog bowl

I made two short(er) walks today, not even trying to get one app to award active minutes or the other to credit me for walking. [Neither have settings for gimps slow-walkers.] This morning’s adventure was in sunshine, so I get vitamin D credit!, regardless of the apps.

Ginkgo gravity art

Soon after I began my afternoon adventure, the cloud-cover thickened just a tad…after I took this photo. The leaves are in the swale of the Prime’s rear window.

Good omen day

Sound view

All day the light came and went, and the rain came and went. Here’s a brighter moment, although there really was some rain when I took this shot.

Mall rainbow

In the afternoon, we had a mall run to get a new laptop for us so we can hand-me-down the one we arrived here with. Yeah, it’s not new, but nephew #2 is thrilled to have his OWN LAPTOP! He also got a lesson in bezier curves and lathe rendering (if I remember the terminology correctly) from The Guru.

Apple store

As we drove around the parking lot, thick with vehicles, trying to get to the parking garage, we saw this brilliant rainbow. Then, in the Apple store, we discovered it was (informally) take-your-dog-to-the-Apple-store day. I think I saw six dogs in the store. I daresay none were service doggies. Does it make a difference that this is a mall, but not an enclosed mall, instead one that has shop doors opening to the out-of-doors?

New, all aboard

Pilot zone

Wow, I get to see through the specially fortified door(way) to the pilot area!*

Feet display

And at my seat, foot elevated of course, I discover that texting (really IMing) is free, courtesy of Delta. Yay!

* And the protocol on a pilot exiting the cockpit while inflight begins with a call to the head flight attendant. Then, the flight attendants in the front block the entrance from the cabin with a drink cart and turn their attention to cabin activity, highly scrutinized. Then, they call the pilot to exit, and s/he closes the door after exiting the cockpit. Does biz, then calls the remaining pilot from the flight-attendant phone to coordinate reentry, then opens the door to return. You get the idea…many well-executed safety steps….

On not leafing things alone…

Leaf backlit CU

Is it mostly inertia that we do this seasonal time change stuff? Could we agree on changing a half hour permanently? Oh, my, wouldn’t that mess things up on a grand scale!

Ginger, gingerly

Ginger flower

Turns out that balancing on the Boot and two crutches on a slope and bending over makes it rather difficult to focus my iPhone camera app.

Teardrops are leaves

Prius map leaves

Several months after we got the Prius Prime, I noticed these green leaves, which look like teardrops from a distance, on the dash-map in an irregular pattern.

John…, I hollered.

Turns out the car’s algorithms noticed that we stop repeatedly at certain locations. The leaf indicates that it will switch into a heightened form of regenerative breaking at those spots, if we brake there again. This means it gets a tad more juice into the battery at those momentum-breaking interludes.

If I have it right.

No-hurry Harvey

NASA Harvey rainfall

NASA is projecting that Hurricane Harvey will be parked over this stretch of the Texas coast for a couple of days, raining, raining, and raining. This is flat land, at low elevations, especially vulnerable to that much rain…. In a few places, they predict Harvey may drop 35 inches of rain…. Whew!

Harvey potential storm surge

With elevation maps and rainfall predictions, along with storm surge/tides, NASA can merge the spatial data and map flooding potentials…. [Website visitors can zoom in far more than this….]

I suspect the calculations behind this are as complex as the eclipse models I looked at earlier this week. They’re just exclusively on this planet.

And none of this discussion is about wind effects. ☔️

UPDATE: And, just a few minutes after I posted this, I read that Harvey is now a Category 4 storm. 💨

Foreign craftsmanship

Dublin street bricks

I’ve been checking GooStreetView and other mapping details (e.g., bus routes from Ranelagh to Stoneybatter—two Dublin suburbs) to satisfy wonder-where-that-is questions that arise in my mind as I read the Tana French detective stories…I’m on the last one published…in 2016….

Long story short, I found this alternate reality brick wall and window detail that I THINK is a result of Goo’s photo-mosaic-melding algorithms.

Talented brick work, no?

New device

Green Steed

AmazingPrime delivered the Steed today. Steed is one of a class of non-motorized vehicles called a knee scooter or knee walker. I put the knee of my bad leg on the pad, release the brake, and walk with my good leg to zoom around!

The basket is really crucial to improving my quality of life. I can hang my water cup handle over the edge of the basket, which means I can refill my water ANYTIME. By MySELF.

It’s a new world (of healing)!

Now I’m working on my stamina…you lose a lot just sitting around.

Rock on!