Accidental scientist

Ginger flowers night

This morning I thought: I’ll walk this afternoon after I get some chores (especially laundry) finished.

Then, I heard that drippy noise that means rain. Ooooops.

After dark I realized that I didn’t have a photo for the day. Another ooooops! Then, outdoors, I had my phone flashlight on and saw (and smelled! inhale! enjoy!) a new crop of ginger flowers, and decided to take a night photo. Oh, I wondered, can I take a picture with the flashlight on? However, when I went over to the camera app, the light went out (pretty sure). Crappy photo yielded new data! Yay!


Bodywork update

Body by tape.* It’s not the GM way, but it might work for you.

Bicycle elf

From a quick perusal of the company website, this is a pedal/motorized hybrid that may have solar panels. Maybe not so safe in urban traffic. Or around large, wild quadrupeds, either.

* Since Fisher is long gone.

Northing (day two)

Sunrise sky

We managed to capture sunrise today…on the move early!

Antenna tree

Midmorning, we rediscovered this stand-out antenna tree.

Three bridges

I read the weekly paper after we arrived, and discovered there’ll be a Three Bridges Walk/Run event in the next town this weekend. These are not the three bridges. And only one of all six is The Bridge. In the far distance here….

Basil thriving

All systems back on-line. Whew. Basil survived! Thanks to pinching and care from loved ones who were here. Thanks!

Bye bugs

Everywhere a sign

One thing that we were hoping our new camera would do better than its ancestor, which we call “New,” is take pictures through the window while we’re driving and stay in focus. The ancestor fails at this while zoomed.

The new camera, aka Seis or Six, does not fail. However, its saturation is wonky (levels/color/etc. modified here). We’ll work on this and get the bugs out (heh).

Roll on

Scooter art

The urban scooter fad has hit our neighborhood. I can’t tell if it’s a true contribution to the actual function of the local political economy…or no. Certainly, the casual data looks like…well, they’re here and there, almost strewn “everywhere” by the time daylight arrives.

At least two brands of scooters are…hanging about mornings. Maybe they’re an afternoon/evening thing? Or perhaps I misunderstand.


Canna orange

I live in a bubble, so was not familiar with the phrasing I heard applied to Apple today…it’s now a four-comma (club) company. [This has nothing to do with dependent or independent clauses, etc.]

Screen uh-oh

Rader sign

I tried new-Cam on an errand trip. And discovered with this outdoor shot that…um, the screen is black when viewed through my polarized sunglasses. Oops. Gonna take a while to get used to that (head tilt or push glasses down nose)…. Not sure why the decision was made to use a screen with this problem–it’s been a known problem for, what?, almost a decade.

TJ interior

Nice snap of interior decoration, however.

Crepe myrtle pink

Via my iPhone, here’s a crepe myrtle bloom (not the one in the first photo) closer-up.


Gardenia simple

I took Six, the new camera, out for to make a few snaps and discovered just two remaining, lingering gardenia blossoms—one of the type I think of as simple…

Gardenia fancy

…and one of the fancy variety.

So, both these shots are with the new-Cam…. I find the color balance ever-so-slightly more saturated. Neither of these shots shows off the fancy lens…to tantalize you three hardy visitors to these…shores?

Retro techno

Retro techno screen

I caught the Guru off in the retro techno world this afternoon. Sorry the iconic trash can didn’t make the crop….

Look at the disk size!

New puzzle

Camera duo

Left camera: over four years old. Right camera: in our house less than two days.

We recently took our “fun money” and ordered a newly released camera, which arrived yesterday. Now to learn its quirks!