Change and evolution

Tomato cage technology

Pro-tomato, anti-squirrel cage technology.

BLM in chalk

I still see this and have to translate from Bureau of Land Management to…#BLM.

Hosta portrait

Hosta bloom portrait. Moderately successful.

Alfa times two?

Alfa romeo

I looked for the logo on this one: Alfa Romeo.


However, I saw this one first…and was so spellbound (ha!) by the flat that I didn’t look for the manufacturer’s emblem. I assumed it was a Fiat (in my general automotive cluelessness) until I saw the above vehicle…now I’m thinking Alfa.

Blue iris

Okay, you’re not getting away with out a flower-eye-candy.

Natural nature

Marigold display

This appeared overnight; I think someone visited a plant nursery.

I experimented with automatic color correction for kicks…ick…turned very blue. Double ick.

Hot pink spiral

I’m admiring the linear spirals of dark pink in the centers of these lovelies. No color correction needed!

Evergreen re greening

The new green growth is pretty darned yellow. Did not try color-correcting with this one…once is enough.

Adventures continue

Frosted leaf

Not frosty cold, but we had frost, one of those temperature magic things. This leaf was in a meadow in deep shade at 10:30am. Whew. Still: pretty out.

Trail maintenance

Here’s trail maintenance by park visitors.

Dicks order window

First stop and, for us, the first time: Dick’s for burgers. Mmm. This local chain dates back to the 50s and you order just what’s on the menu, no extra lettuce or animal style.

Computer museum

Then, off to a computer museum that specializes in artifacts, that is old machines that are kept operational.

Chocolate cake storage

The Guru calls this 200 MEGAbyte storage unit a chocolate cake. Cost, hmm was it? thousands? Hideously expensive.

Data, suppositions

Weather rock ATL

Cold snap here…this made me think of our Santa Fé weather rock….

Old apt door

This, however, is all Atlanta…not a bit of Santa Fé.

Wouldnt park

Narrator comment: Me, I wouldn’t park in that spot.

Pink-pink vs purple-pink?

Azalea pink pink

I’m skipping mention of the Big Doin’s going on in WashDC, and instead focusing on…small. And local.

Azalea purple pink

These two blooms are from intertwined bushes. Do you see the different shades of pink? I wondered if the camera/iPhone would capture them. Conclusion: pink subtleties—capturable.

For thoughts on the Big Doin’s, visit The Guru’s comments in his resuscitated blog here.

Skip memory test.

H boxing d

Oh, the title? Something I saw on an ancient IBM screen during the latest season of “Mr. Robot.” [Backstory: we binged through “Mrs. Maisel” like there was no tomorrow, and now we’re enjoying a totally different genre.]

Meanwhile…we missed boxing activities…and boxes. Yay British traditions.


Bridge decoration

Today this is a footbridge to nowhere; I think it was built for vehicles, and decommissioned long ago. That means the stone-toothed window was a decoration, nothing more.

Culver old fashioned

While this looks like and entrance to the underworld, I think it’s wholly prosaic…a simple drain.

Age issues

Hoka newness

We allocated our 20%-off-one-full-price-item coupon from REI to new shoes for me. I wanted a great pair to get my exercise on sidewalks in—the urban Thang. I was assured these Hoka shoes would be like walking on clouds! And a tad pricey, so: perfect for the coupon. Soon, I walked three miles in them and I would say: clouds. Wonderful. Like nothing I’ve ever worn. [Bonus: Foot happy!]

Alley junque

Here’s old to go with the new above. I traipsed off in an alley (wearing the Hokas) that’s more of a drainage lined with cobblestones (but still technically public), and found this apparent abandonment scenario. I couldn’t even figure out what the yellow/red/white vehicle was: pickup? van? After snapping this quick digital record, I left the mystery…to be (quietly) mysterious.

Watching things play out


I was zipping along trying to keep my heart rate solidly in zone 3, and had to back up a step to get this photo. I snapped, and as I got my feet moving to re-attain my zone, I heard a voice behind me chuckle, “That’ll be five bucks!” Heh.

Night style

Tried out a night shot of the sky, letting the computations pile up to make the photo. Can’t decide if the green Thang is a UFO or schmutz on the lens.