Bridge decoration

Today this is a footbridge to nowhere; I think it was built for vehicles, and decommissioned long ago. That means the stone-toothed window was a decoration, nothing more.

Culver old fashioned

While this looks like and entrance to the underworld, I think it’s wholly prosaic…a simple drain.

Age issues

Hoka newness

We allocated our 20%-off-one-full-price-item coupon from REI to new shoes for me. I wanted a great pair to get my exercise on sidewalks in—the urban Thang. I was assured these Hoka shoes would be like walking on clouds! And a tad pricey, so: perfect for the coupon. Soon, I walked three miles in them and I would say: clouds. Wonderful. Like nothing I’ve ever worn. [Bonus: Foot happy!]

Alley junque

Here’s old to go with the new above. I traipsed off in an alley (wearing the Hokas) that’s more of a drainage lined with cobblestones (but still technically public), and found this apparent abandonment scenario. I couldn’t even figure out what the yellow/red/white vehicle was: pickup? van? After snapping this quick digital record, I left the mystery…to be (quietly) mysterious.

Watching things play out


I was zipping along trying to keep my heart rate solidly in zone 3, and had to back up a step to get this photo. I snapped, and as I got my feet moving to re-attain my zone, I heard a voice behind me chuckle, “That’ll be five bucks!” Heh.

Night style

Tried out a night shot of the sky, letting the computations pile up to make the photo. Can’t decide if the green Thang is a UFO or schmutz on the lens.

Wide, wide views

Full yard decorations

Decoration exuberance abounds in our neighborhood.

Flowing water

Meanwhile…the water was flowing (aka falling water).

Volleyball practice

And the sand-churners were practicing.

All photos with the widest lens (aka “ultra wide”); only the first did I alter the aspect ratio.

Circular visuals

Birdbath reflection

New phone did NOT think this was a face; it’s pretty sharp!

Dahlia blooms

I think of dahlias as fall flowers, but maybe that’s what they do in the Deep South, and not in cooler places.

Dual trios

Lilypad droplets

Lily pad droplets. Magic of surface tension.

Flower droplets

Flower droplets. Lookit that color!

Flower bee

Busy bee.

Wide LkClaraMear

Wide lens aka “ultra wide” to Apple.

Normal LkClaraMear

Normal lens aka “wide” to Apple.

Zoomed LkClaraMear

Zoom/telephoto lens.

This second trio are cropped to 16×9 aspect ratio, but otherwise unchanged. In the order presented, the lenses are digital-world 13mm, 26mm, and 52mm. FYI


Feet on bar

This morning I thought my day would be miscellaneous (dull, boring) chores, with the headliner being getting my hair done (D, B subject for a post…). [I’m so Midwest.]

Rain on news

Then I went for a walk and found these droplets spaced like a variation on a flat meniscus situation, and thought, well, that’d be a big improvement on hair salon tedium.

Dark photo

Just about rush hour, things turned topsy turvy. The Guru exercised his traffic mojo and we went “to the mall” Apple store and brought home a new phone for me. Lots of advertising focused (heh) on the three lenses, ignoring the one on the front for selfies. Now I have to study up on how to use all the lenses with technical intelligence and creativity. It was raining and getting darned dark when I made this photo (which would never win a prize of any sort). Still, the fancy algorithms produce an interesting image, no?

Contemplating ephemera

Mistiness strangeness

Last night was warm and strangely still, perfect conditions for mistiness to descend with the arrival of MrSun, first to the north where I usually photo, and then, later, in a second appearance of ground fog, to the south, shown here.

I am pondering what the googly, triple-eyed iPhone 11 Pro would do with this view…would it temper the murkiness (rrr), or enhance it? Or?

[Perhaps science is called for: get that phone; find “phog;” take pictures. Examine results.]

Public art. Plus.

Decatur red statue

Public art one: red bird, airborne.

Decatur bird statue

White bird: tethered.

I like the red one better; seems “free”er and less contrived. My imagination, perhaps.

Electric moped plate

“License plate” on rental electric moped. The second letter…you’re meant to see “U” not “O.” I see the intent, but it’s an “O” to me. The rest is…tacky. At best.

Still or swirling

Seaboard model

Parked train.

We ventured out toward the ’burbs to a civic center to see model train layouts and the miscellany that vendors bring to such shows, table after table of tracks and trains and fake trees, and fake all kinds of landscape and small town elements. [We managed to not buy anything. Yay!] I did see a snack-baggie of scale model coal for $5. Wonder if the vendor bought it as “fake coal” or as some kind of generic project plastic granular sand or something….

Carnival ride

Somehow, I managed to photograph this carnival ride that wasn’t even in a diorama. Somehow, it seems more interesting….