Contrail morn

As the daylight increased and night faded, I looked out the kitchen window and saw these parallel contrails, like etchings against the sky.

Nit counts

I heard/read various sorts of news today, including multiple examples of the power of MaNachur, and also of spineless federal politicians spending OUR money frivolously.

In our living room, we talked more about the annual September Apple presentation. This is an Apple promo photo of the two sizes of the newly announced iPhone 15 Pro Max (larger on the left) and 15 Pro. Our phones are still fine, but venerable at four years old. I am most attracted to the Pro Max, as the Apple lens developers have managed to create, in that teensy thickness of a smart phone, a lens that will telephoto to 120 mm, at ƒ/2.8 aperture. Wow. [No comment on buying (lusting after? hah, I exaggerate) a product called a phone while valuing more an additional capability called a camera. 😎]

With the phones and with new models of watch/fitness devices, I heard reapeated mention of nits. To me nits are louse eggs, so that threw me until I figured out that nits are also brightness units, although my APPLE DICTIONARY does not include that definition. 🤣 So, the new phones have 2000 nits peak brightness (outdoors). Woohoo.

Phone-cam: “too honest”

I fought my phone-cam and the cam won. I mean that there was golden oblique light on this busy bulletin board and I thought I’d capture an indefinite yet moving mosaic of memories and souvenirs. Didn’t work. The phone-cam’s algorithms bumped up the light levels and perceptibility, and all the emotional undercurrents…poof, disappeared.

Camo vehicle

Drive dozens of miles on an Interstate in the USofA, and you will see odd vehicles and trailered items. I think we saw a still once. Today it was a tank. Not a Cadillac!

Finished before noon

Golden-lit potentilla.

My morning fun…exercising The Beast.

The Beast…waiting.

Last summer, we bought The Beast to frustrate, and hopefully to ultimately remove, an invasive grass that has very strong stems and out-competes the “normal” pasture grasses. Of course, this is no longer a pasture, nor doesn’t anyone hay it, or otherwise manage it for agriculture. Just. Too. Much. Effort. [Yes, more than operating the beast on hot, humid, hazy days. Long story.]


Today’s household headlines (HHs) were the Tim Cook Show and rhubarb, his and hers you could say.

So much red/pink in this rhubarb.

Rhubarb sauce, right, and store-bought kinda macerated strawberries left. Red fruits for dessert.

Two voyages of exploration

First produce from the property. Yay! These were easy finds, right next to the chives up by the garage. Both species are likely escapees from my great-grandparents’ gardens.

Had to go to town and the Guru was off doing Man Business, while I wandered the parking lot of goodies, an outdoor showroom, basically. I was not shopping. I was collecting information. This beauty was larger than most of the similar vehicles on this lot. The smallest ones were like two-seater golf carts. This is nothing like that.

And neither is its price tag. Yikes. This is way more than our also brand new pickup when we bought it back in 2019. However, this Can-Am beast comes with “all options,” which is totally the opposite of our pickup. Still.

Talked to a Genius or two

Went to the mall on a (kinda) emergency mission. The mall still feels like a dangerous space to me. I don’t trust that darned Covid, even the versions floating around these days.

No new devices, or even one device came home with us. Just a cable and a plug that will enable me to charge my phone while in the car. My phone is cranky, and requires lotsa power to charge (unlike my spouse’s, the same model bought at the same time). Once we figured that out, or the Apple Geniuses did, and now we have a new cigarette lighter plug and a new cable; it’s a combo that my phone respects.

What a fancy Apple store.

“Favorite spread”

We spent this morning doing errands, which is the same as accomplishing goals beyond the normal daily activities. First, I found cable connectivity, as the saying goes, in spades.

At the next stop, we found crumpets. Real, 3-D, “golden brown” crumpets.

Later, I legged it outdoors to recover from all the morning’s indoor activities and found bucket work underway. I snapped this and kept moving. [Yes, it was raining; not an impediment to my walk.]

New and old

Silverbell. Can’t figure out which one.

Neighbor’s “old car.” I grew up with a neighbor down the road who had many old cars, but they were much older than this one; his were Model T’s and that era.