Local news

Stinko going going

In local news, a long-time neighborhood denizen is now gone. Mixed feelings as I hate to see mature trees removed, but this one was a productive female, and the fleshy layer surrounding the seeds start out odiferous, and when on the ground get even more…highly stinky-scented. Bye Stinkgo Ginkgo! [Shame on the nursery that marketed this one; it should have sold only male ginkgos for urban planting….]

ATL United winners

In sports news, ATL has been basking in being the 2018 Major League Soccer champions. The next big event is that Soooperdooperbowl, which is already enmeshed in scandal because of a ref call in the Rams/Saints game….

In personal “news,” my sport (in quotes?) is walking, and today I worked on refining my Vitamin D-heightened routing…I’m liking more east-west routes approximately during mid-day, to have sunshine on a cheek most of the time (other skin is bundled up! it’s winter!). This is supposed to give me more Vitamin D than supplements…and Vitamin D is a very good thing! (See note on last Thursday’s entry here.)

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