Weather trend

ATL morning skyline

This morning began all sunny and upbeat (the meteorological version thereof).

Speaking of sunshine, all this medical biz about taking vitamin D…turns out the high D levels are an indicator of time spent in sunshine (duh), and the correlation that’s good for you is not actually with the vitamin D, but with nitric acid that the body makes when exposed to sunshine (if I have it right). Higher levels of nitric acid dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure—very good things. (Read about it here.)

While I’m on health news, get exercise to keep your irisin levels high, and improve brain memory formation, storage, and inter-brain-cell communication. All very good things…. (Read more about it here.)

Midnight girl part wet

By afternoon, when I got motivated to walk the neighborhood, a light rain had begun, the 8-inch kind (meaning eight inches between drops hahaha). Note how the “Garden of Good…” gal (copy, of course) displays zonal moistening.

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