Skip memory test.

H boxing d

Oh, the title? Something I saw on an ancient IBM screen during the latest season of “Mr. Robot.” [Backstory: we binged through “Mrs. Maisel” like there was no tomorrow, and now we’re enjoying a totally different genre.]

Meanwhile…we missed boxing activities…and boxes. Yay British traditions.

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  1. Samy's Second Cousin says:

    I remember that message quite well. Since it slowed down the boot process, I usually elected to skip the memory test, which took longer and longer as the amount of RAM in personal computers increased over time. The last time I had a RAM failure was more than two decades ago, and the memory test told me which of the two banks had gone bad. After removing the bad bank, I ran (or rather walked) the PC with only half the RAM while waiting for the replacement to arrive. Now I hardly ever have to employ a screwdriver on a PC other than to open up the case and vacuum out the dust.