Talented vortex

MidS Scholastic 5some

These awards are given out around the nation. The country is divided into 100 geographic areas (with similar populations?). The Mid-South region included parts of three states. The art was in many forms…drawing, photography, fashion, sculpture, and so on. The six judges spent four days with something like three thousand pieces in three age-graded groups. These five from the “Junior” group are receiving the highest level awards, and their pieces go into the national competition. One is our friend, and a talented, smart, lovely gal. She got one medal for that painting?drawing? piece. She got two other medals for two other submissions. So, out of the Junior group, she took home three of those red-ribboned medals…. Major kudos!

Fisheye eye

And when I loaned her my phone and fish-eye lens, this is what she created….

Lafayette co courthouse

As part of our celebrations, we headed downtown for pizza. Turned out that the streets and restaurants were clogged with film-weekend folks. We ended up doing take-out and it was yummy. I listened for Faulkner’s footsteps and looked for his ghost. Nada.