Eye of the…rhino

N white rhino statue eye from front

David Landis’s Northern White Rhino statue (33.76414,-84.35958).

We converted the stroll we set off on into a 6-mile-plus walk, albeit at a not-hectic pace. We trekked down the Eastside section of the Beltline, the whole part that’s now open, plus another bit to the south, all the way to the EW rail line east of downtown.

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  1. kayak woman says:

    I got 6 miles in on Sunday. I wish I had time for that many miles every day. 3 is more the norm. This morning, the walking sucked & I abandoned my walk halfway through. Streets and sidewalks were wet… Except for random patches of slippery ice. And that was treacherous, especially in the dark..