Bison meatloaf after too hot oven

Tonight’s bison meatloaf fresh out of the too-hot oven. I’m still tweaking the recipe, although you can check it out here.

Cold snap last night, and windy/cold today. What does it mean that I spotted a rare-in-ATL Alaska license plate early this afternoon? Additionally, does it mean anything that it was on a 4-door Audi? For extra credit, does it mean anything that this is AutoWeek* in Detroit?

* Okay, technically, it’s the North American International Auto Show….


  1. kayak woman says:

    Went to the Dee-troit auto show every year (for a few years) as a kid/teenager. (Prob’ly wore my fake leopard coat to one or two.) Mostly interested in (aka envious of) the beauteous model-spokespersons (or whatever they are).

  2. out of town friend says:

    Just logged on to see what’s up and that Bison meatloaf made my mouth water. Looks so good. I guess it’s time for lunch here in the underground bunker!

  3. Leslie says:

    I just read this post of yours and thought it was funny that I made bison meatloaf last week as well! I use quinoa instead of breadcrumbs–extra protein and a nice bit of slightly nutty flavor.