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Sparrow room number

Lots of changes at Sparrow Hospital—wifi everywhere (used to be: no cell phones here and there), redecorated hallways in the “old” building, waiting rooms redesigned to include self-service coffee and water (not good for tea drinkers…), new entry hall at street level (but why do we have to stand at counter to register/check-in!—that’s a lot of typing time for a guy with a bum laig)…that kind of thing.

But they can’t fool me. The old cardiac ICU is now the cardiac recovery unit.


And the patient was released about 4 pm, with a bunch of clot removed—but not all. Not a homerun, the Doc put it. We’ll take it; situation is much improved. And on an outpatient basis!

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  1. Pooh says:

    Get well wishes for the Doc from Pooh and Mark