Weather mis-match

Passion flower autumn white

When I left to walk to the library shortly after lunch, the sky was spitting rain. A quarter of the way there, I thought I was seeing a white tinge to the drops. I soldiered (shouldered?) on, head down.

I got very good news at the library. Not long ago I forgot a library book in a no-name motel somewhere. The desk, when we (meaning the Kind Guru) made inquiries, said they only had a bodice-ripper in the lost-and-found.

Oh, no!

Anyway, since my lost book was a paperback, catalogued as a generic paperback, I can bring in another paperback, and they will take that in exchange for wiping my lending record clean.


Then, I walked out of the library…and the precip stopped within two-dozen steps. And half-way home, the sun tried to come out.*

I’m very lucky. Twice.

* Is this Michigan weather (as in “…wait five minutes”) visiting the Deep South?

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