No peeking (oops)

Fridge stack

Note the manhattan cherries and guacamole tub, tub of tofu, curated brewskis—you can tell we’re ready for non-seasonal menus.

Our lovely niece is spearheading T-giving dinner (a seasonal thing to be thankful for!!!…not that I would have been unhappy hostessing, but, I’m happy to pass the mantle this year), and I have my trio of assigned dishes (pumper pies, and sweets and beets sides). This is the first step of pie crust underway—the chilling of typically uncooled ingredients…and the food-processor parts. The flour’s in the bowl at the top. The fats are in the fridge (butter) and freezer (shortening).

Pie crust recipe here (yes, weighing is better); Harvard beets here.

Did I say windy?

Predawn ice snow accumulation

We didn’t get no snow, but what we got was icy. And had stopped accumulating before dawn. What a dark dawn it was!