Street view golden

I am adventuring. I’m pushing my personal envelope exploring…apps for this fancy iPhone 5S I’m carrying around these days. Today, I discovered a few new things.

The earbuds that came with are FAN-TAS-TIC. And, previous to today, I was NOT an earbuds fan. (Big change!) (browser version here) had my location as “Middle of Nowhere.” That was pretty disheartening until The Guru explained to me that that meant I had not allowed it to know my location. (Ooops. Live and learn.)

Totally in love with Fitbit app (Fitbits are overpriced, but once you allow yourself to go with that, they can be motivators. I have the Fitbit One. Buy through REI if you’re a member and get the rebate…and (announcer voice:) SAVE!)

Along with the earbuds, I used the Tunein app (also browser version and ever-so-handy in both forms) so I could listen to weekend wrap-up hours from the Diane Rehm Show (without Diane this week, which isn’t too uncommon; I think her health issues are huge).

Okay; that’s it for promotions. I’m so trying to be 21st-century.