New trick

Cranberries a boilin

My new-trick-in-old-age for this season is cranberry sauce. Useta not like it. Now, just this season, I’m a convert.

Maybe I make it more tart. Maybe my tastes have changed.

Anyway, mark me down as a cranberry sauce fan.

That is, cranberry sauce that’s just some berries, sugar, and water. I’m not tooooo adventurous!


  1. ootf says:

    I grew up loving the jellied cranberry sauce molded in a can. Then when I married into that north Georgia mountain family, I was introduced to real cranberry relish. Not too sweet, a bit tart, but just right. Once you’ve had the real thing, you never go back!
    The menu for Thursday is being planned by two fabulous cooks in two counties and I expect a feast with our son and new daughter-in-law. I am lobbying for the hillbilly cranberry relish. I hope yours turns out good.
    All your readers expect many good food pictures from you this week. Please don’t disappoint.

  2. Pooh says:

    My cranberry sauce recipe comes straight off the bag. It’s not cooked, but it has cranberries, and a seedless orange, complete with peel and sugar. Whirl it around the food processor and put it in the bowl. Easy-peasy.
    Some years I also make the Susan Stamford (from NPR) recipe with horseradish as the secret ingredient.

    >ootf and the jellied sauce. Back in the day when our kids were little, we brought the cranberry sauce with orange to some friends’ house.
    She said, “I hope you don’t mind that I also have the canned jelly. My kids won’t eat cranberry sauce unless they can see the molded lines from the can. Otherwise, you know, ‘it might be full of ingredients!’, said her youngest.”

  3. ootf says:

    Pooh, how was Momma Stamford’s recipe? Listened to that for years but never tried it.

  4. Pooh says:

    It’s a fun recipe to try if you like horseradish. I like it a little better with ham than with turkey. If you’re not having large numbers at the table, you can make a 1/2 recipe of Mama Stamford’s recipe and a 1/2 recipe of the bag recipe out of one bag of cranberries. I’m sure you can find it on-line, or we can take over Sam’s blog and I could post it here.

  5. Sammy says:

    We talking about Mama Stamberg’s recipe?

  6. Pooh says:

    That’s the one. I might have to try the cranberry chutney for Xmas.