Faded glory (not always!)

Pink azalea clusters

Azalea report: the Masters weekend that’s supposed to be “the best,” at least in Augusta, was primo, for the fuchsia azaleas in the front “garden”…including in ATL!

Those azaleas managed to hold on and be quite showy for the our midwestern visitors…at least for their arrival last weekend. Then, there was rain. And by the time they left, the blooms were dowdy and decomposing. (Ugly statement: fact of life.)

So, now we’re one weekend later. And the pink blooms are thrusting forth (or something). Very glorious.

We’ll see how things proceed as we have another week to go before another revered set of Midwestern visitors arrive…and we’d love to have a showy front “garden” to herald their welcome.

Weather report indicates crappy, precipitate-y weather in the coming 24-hrs. Not good for delicate petals.


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