Temp tag

Brown green

Checked out the BeltLine over by Ansley, where we haven’t walked in…well, since The Foot. It’s time…but didn’t happen today. Notice that the golf course green is still a bit brown….


And the headline is from this “Temp Tag”—fella, ya better hope a cop doesn’t stop you!

You can’t tell it from these photos, but the sun did come out a bit for a bit. Wan sun, though.

March! March, already! Whew, this year is flying by!

Can a tomato juice

Carolina jessamine buds

Carolina jessamine buds. I think it’s a corruption/variant of jasmine.

Carolina jessamine flower

Carolina jessamine flower. On the moss below above. Although I didn’t see any open flowers on the plant, only buds.

Petal wrackline

This was even more deconstructed. A petal wrack line. Without a coast, so I guess not a true wrack line.

Title refers to a line in an early season three episode of “Corner Gas,” our current binge-watching show. Go Saskatchewan!

Vine, name unk to me

Mmm smells good

These smell super-fine!

Spring anticipation

Trees against sky

I thought I had high-quality deep thoughts to pass along…but turns out I’m just another cheap date.

Standing on the ground, I was too far away to see the buds, to determine if they’re beginning to swell. Instead, I just moseyed along…better able to monitor the ground-level springiness.

Waiting for tomorrow’s sun


Yeah, more blooming bulbs!


And one of those apple/pear Rosaceae species….

Plant whiff talk

Smells so good

Smells so great, so very floral! [Forgot the name….]

No smell brilliant yellowgreen

No blooms; no smell. But prototypical yellow-green, I’d say.

Mixed message

Bolting cabbabage

Right in the nearby neighbors’ yard I found a cabbage…already bolting! In February! Crazy WARM rainy weather….

Hyacinth bud

However, I was encouraged when I found a hyacinth still in bud farther afield. Or a-yard.

No VitD today

Moss soggy

I made a tactical error in not getting out before about 11am. Instead, the precip rolled in and I eventually dug out the ol’ rain shoes and rain coat and suited up and headed out.

Daffy soggy

I found sogginess. Soggy moss. Soggy daffodils.

Wasn’t that bad, however.

Yet, about 5:30pm, when I took some gray-bidge out, hmm, sure seemed cold. And, as I scooted back indoors, I was sooooo glad I walked earlier.

Suuuuuuhnee day

Wall shadows

I liked the shadows, and the shapes of the leaves/vegetation that made them, juxtaposed with the warm browns of the wall stone.

Deciduous magnolia

For those craving flowers, here’s a deciduous magnolia…

Forsythia in bloom

…and forsythia—outdoor forsythia, somehow mixed with a holly. Seem to be strange phyto-bedfellows to me.

Grey day, but green

Leaf droplets

By the time I left the house, the rain had stopped.

Not clover

Evidence of it was everywhere, however.

Green wooden chair

Although the chair I couldn’t quite figure out. Was it out for trash pickup?

The green theme just happened.