Little things are big enough

Dahlia opening

Well, now. Confession: having a hard time being a good citizen and keeping up on current events.

So (deep breath; exhale; she says to herself: be positive! c’mon, you can do it!), time to make a grocery list.

No Mozart; no jungle

Fleur pw

We’re back* to a possible/probable/?? travel destination in…northern Italy, that is, the central and upper Po Basin. Plus. Which makes me think about Genovese basil, that is, “pesto” basil. Because part of the “Plus” is Genoa.

The basil situation: no relationship to these flowers.

* Hmm…brief flirtation with east-of-London, that is: Kent and north, and…well, don’t fret about the geography…we’re not going there (next).

Frames a-changing

Gold dome

The Guru took Droney up. Look at that gleaming gold dome!

Flower insect

In a closer frame of reference, see the stalking insect! They enjoy flowers, too.

Am I writing for five-year-olds?

Too overcast for sunset

Mulch mushrooms

Our rainy, muggy, steamy August continues, and this new (maybe two months old) mulch is supporting a healthy crop of fungi. All locals are reminded to carefully clean between their toes. 😀

My weather app indicates sunset will be at 8:18pm; too cloudy to see it….


Cone processing

Out and about, I stood under a large pine (mentioned before here) and I was in a rain of cone-parts. Here’s a spent cone amidst conifer detritus.

Squirrel watching

This afternoon, after two brief rain-events (with sunshine between), I spotted this rodent eyeing the street (unfazed by my activities). Is this a belly-cooling pose?


Fleurs deux

Big hibiscus, and not-open-yet four o’clock.

Well, it’s after nine o’clock and I’m no hibiscus.

Glory of my morning

Morn glory

Native peoples of the lowlands of Mesoamerica used a cousin of this garden morning glory in converting rubber-tree sap into a version of what we’d recognize as rubber. Plant magic.

The little upright pods…I don’t know their name, or what we called them when I was a kid and we’d harvest and eat them…a citrus-like bit that I enjoyed. Not much substance, however.

New vocab (again)

Purple fleur

The other day I came across the word “eidolon/eidola” (singular/plural), Greek for a look-alike phantom for a person, in their case, especially applied to Helen of Troy. [And in Greek letters: εἴδωλον].

The Guru and I are binge-watching a Canadian TV series called “Continuum,” which has character duplicates, which I think can be called eidola.

Too many doubles. Here’s a single purple fleur; buds don’t count—my rules.

Tough plants

Leaf textures

The simple functional analysis of leaves is that they make nutrition happen for plants. The mechanism for this is evident in the green of leaves [duh: chlorophyll]. However. When plant “gamers” manipulate the leaves, uh, well, some of the green may be excised.

Which leaves (haha) the plant nutritionally diminished.

Soooooo, look at these powerful plants overcoming their genetic inheritance! Lush!

Visually, hey, lovely aesthetic juxtaposition. Which is why this composition caught my eye…. [Truth: nothing botanical in that analysis….]


Canna orange

I live in a bubble, so was not familiar with the phrasing I heard applied to Apple today…it’s now a four-comma (club) company. [This has nothing to do with dependent or independent clauses, etc.]