Harvest moment

Window raindrops

If only I could get the focus point on the right part of the image….

When your vegetable garden is three plants and some herbs, harvest time is a Big Deal. While there are two tomato plants and one pepper plant in my garden-ette, one of the tomato plants is sacrificial. The strange anti-squirrel cage that I (over)built of ¼-in mesh hardware cloth is only big enough for one (hyper-folded) tomato plant. Besides, the squirrels are just darned aggressive.

Three maters

Thnx for the photo, Guru, and for artfully posing the ’maters so they ALL look unblemished.

So, after the cloudburst this afternoon, the Guru and I went out to harvest. We’d been watching three tomatoes in the cage ripen, and yesterday I figured today would be The Day to Pick.

Turned out two of them have slug(?) holes and one of those two is half rotten. But the third has great color and is merely…not particularly large.

One pepper

Poi-fect Guru photo; love that dangling droplet.

And there’s a green pepper coming on. It may be a poblano, judging by the shape. Or maybe not. I didn’t check the tag (too distracted by the easy weeding) and can’t remember.

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