Not as dark as the camera suggests

Overcast morn sky

This morning the overcast from yesterday afternoon’s popup showers carried over, making the morning sky a tad gloomy. Not winter-gloomy, mind you, just different from a clearer morning….

Contrast that with a clear morning (day before yesterday), presaging a day of penetrating heat.

Hot day sky
Cicada feet up

This morning I missed the red, orange, and gold tones…. As the day has worn on, we didn’t get a break from the heat/humidity, so no color and no break…sigh.

The no-longer-noisy cicada I found on the sidewalk didn’t make up for it.

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  1. kayak woman says:

    I love that dead cicada. How do I say this without seeming like some weird-oh. When you grow up on a beach, you see a lot of dead birds and aminals. All the time. Years ago, I sometimes posted beach flotsam on my blahg until I found out that a relative or two were squeaked out about it. These are nice relatives that care about me and I them. Other folks, including my brother, loved seeing dead things on my blahg.

    Rambling incoherently as usual…