Projects, sorta

Coffee ice cubes

This was the most colorful of today’s projects—making cubes of leftover coffee…leftover because my coffee-drinking partner is off on a quick jaunt to the Midwest, and I didn’t want to toss what I didn’t drink. Plus, he loves iced coffee, and what better cubes than ones made of coffee?

Walmart packaging

Meanwhile, one of his projects showed up (thank you, UPS guy wearing earbuds; maybe you’ll hear me this time). Clearly, someone at #Walmart was having a bad day. The box is about 34x17x14 (inches) and there are yards of brown paper packing. The closing tape has cross-strips, I guess because the initial down-the-flaps piece didn’t stick.

The contents? ONE windshield wiper blade. And, despite the fact that it would fit in the box without bending, the end was bent—just the package and not the wiper. That looks okay.

I texted The Guru about the arrival, and he said there were supposed to be two wipers. Will I see a twin Walmart package tomorrow?

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