View north into NC, autumnal

Autumn view from Brasstown trail

We hiked down into autumn, beginning at Brasstown Bald, where the tree branches carried a coating of ice—a chilly yet gorgeous place for lunch—which fortunately included hot mushroom soup!

We ended up safely getting to the vehicle at the lower end of our route in full dark—with the trail dimly lit by the phone! But, beautiful to watch the sun glow orange over the western hills!

Long story short, JCB is elevating his ankle, having walked out under his own power. A big thanks to our hiking companions for all their help—and especially for D’s loan of her trekking pole.


  1. kayak woman says:

    Dark walk! And love the idea of lighting the path with the iPhone. Frost here this morning. I walked downtown 10-ish and the sun was melting the frost and it was almost like walking in the rain.

  2. Pooh says:

    Wishing JCB a quick recovery!