Bean soup tale

13 beans soaking

The major reason today became bean-soup-from-scratch day was we got a ¼ ham earlier this week, and the bone was just begging (excuse the anthropomorphizing) to flavor some bean soup. Plus, the weather turned colder last week.

Recumbent pair

While the beans were soaking, I zipped—on foot (happy foot justifies the verb “zipped”!)—to the library to swap out two-for-one. On my way back, I scooted (happy foot justifies the verb “scooted”!) out of the way of a his-and-hers mounted pair of recumbent bicycle riders. They deftly navigated around me, and on up the street. I was slow to take a photo, so they were already stopped at the corner before I got a snap…edited to make them larger, so resolution is hammered.

And that’s all tonight, folks.