Casserole queen-for-a-meal

Spinach casserole

I haven’t made this in quite a while, one of those dishes that just fell off the rotation out of distraction rather than dislike. It’s my riff on the filling for spanakopita or ravioli or lasagne, with ricotta and spinach, some sautéed onion, and, in this case, some Gruyère and a bit of monterey jack, plus lots of freshly ground black pepper. Just the filling, though, without the wrapper. And an extra dusting of jack at the end….

Sometimes I put in an egg or eggs; this time I used one. The crucial angle is always how much of the water I squeeze out of the spinach. This time I wasn’t terribly diligent, and I should have squeezed it a bit drier.

I have some ricotta and Gruyère left; I think that in a few days I’ll make a mixed veg version to use that up.