Edible colors

Small magnolia

While out for my walk, I experimented with portrait mode on flowers again.

Lichen mosaic

Also shot old school.

Night stairs

Night light fun: computational photo. I’m pretty sure the metal steps are painted black. The red came from fancy-SUV taillights, but the blue is a mystery to me.

Before I walked, I encountered a quote from Autumn de Wilde, director of the very recently released movie “Emma,” Jane Austin retold. She told the New Yorker/Sarah Larson that for the decor of Emma’s home: “I wanted it to be like a pastry shop. I told my departments, ‘The colors need to feel edible.'” I wondered what the most edible colors are. She went, the article says with a pink and green combo. Hmm. Depends on the food, but the flower and the lichen-on-brick seem to offer workable shades—the staircase not so much.

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