Good omen day

Sound view

All day the light came and went, and the rain came and went. Here’s a brighter moment, although there really was some rain when I took this shot.

Mall rainbow

In the afternoon, we had a mall run to get a new laptop for us so we can hand-me-down the one we arrived here with. Yeah, it’s not new, but nephew #2 is thrilled to have his OWN LAPTOP! He also got a lesson in bezier curves and lathe rendering (if I remember the terminology correctly) from The Guru.

Apple store

As we drove around the parking lot, thick with vehicles, trying to get to the parking garage, we saw this brilliant rainbow. Then, in the Apple store, we discovered it was (informally) take-your-dog-to-the-Apple-store day. I think I saw six dogs in the store. I daresay none were service doggies. Does it make a difference that this is a mall, but not an enclosed mall, instead one that has shop doors opening to the out-of-doors?

One comment

  1. kayak woman says:

    I suspect it does make a difference (dogs in store) that it isn’t in an enclosed mall. Still seems strange that they allow them in. Speaking of enclosed malls, as you know, our Apple Store is in one of those and we will be making a trip over there on Sunday because the GG ran a software update on his Mothership last night and it hosed the computer [insert pig nose emoji here]. Couldn’t get in until Sunday. Well, actually he originally made an appointment for Saturday but I made him change it because of the Umich/OSU game.