Precip view

We did have a reasonably clear view of the mountains—for about fifteen minutes! Then they resumed being socked in, and we’ve had rain, spitty moisture, and variations in between.

And traffic (if we venture out!). Mega-traffic.

However, we are Midwesterners (in origin), and we are tough, and we are fine!

Busy, busy (no bees)

Jocks jills

Today was a blur. At one point I got new feet…meaning shoes. I tried to take a “squared-up” shot of this, but found it impossible. Was I aiready tired at 12:30?

Spiny red spheres

Those blossoms fall off and become squishy, and will compact in shoe-treads. I’m keeping my new soles away from under this shrub, so as to avoid collecting compost.

Matsutake sliced

The day wound up with a cheese board, including snuck-in French (what other kind is there, though?) unpasteurized camembert, a side of sautéed matsutake mushrooms (mmmmm), and home-made pizzas. And wine-socializing.

Busy day, and lovely. Also, there was a musical in there somewhere….