This blog is brought to you through the efforts of several individuals and collectivities. The unsung heroes of of this web page are JCB, the guru, and WordPress, the software. Both do the heavy lifting that behind the scenes that, well, keeps me “on the air”….

Today the guru updated the software, and the interface is improved…. What can I say? The rest is up to me….

BTW, gentle readers, anyone familiar with the term “Gosus”?


  1. mouse's moom says:

    Sticking my head up for a few minutes:

    1) Congratulations on one year of blahgging. I can never think of anything “deep” to write on those occasions either. It’ll be four years this summer.
    2) Stopping at TJs this very afternoon either on the way to or from meeting.
    3) Looooove the Starbucks! I hardly ever go to Starbucks. The one on State and Liberty has been known to smell like, well, dirty diapers. The one in the Westgate Kroger is just plain grimy.
    4) Politics? Uhg, I have no words.
    5) Yay for jcb and wp. I’m glad you kept the mini-Sam though. One o’ these days, I’ll actually sit down and revamp *my* barely designed site. Hmmm… Gothic-organic or paper bag…

    Back to Flash.

  2. mouse's moom says:

    Oh, and, as you’ve prob’ly already googled, there is a gosus.com game site. Can’t figger out what the word means though.