Batty Doe, for starters


We took a mid-day jaunt to enjoy the (newly rejuvenated) AC in the pickup during the heat of the day, in a generally southerly direction. Do that far enough and you encounter: Lake Michigan.

Invasive zebras

With small beach-wash zones of aging zebra mussel shells. Invasive species, oh yeah.

Limestone dust

We poked around an eventually covered some miles on Batty Doe Lake Road. We thought the side road to the lake looked rather private, so we never saw the lake, but we spent some miles on the road including crossing a huge puddle that was larger than it was deep (we checked with long sticks), and with a good stony bottom rather than much—so: crossable, we judged, and the stalwart pickup (with street tires) crawled through without problem. Yay!

We don’t know when the road was named and could only speculate on what “batty” meant when the name was chosen. Crazy? Loony? (Wrong species). Just strange? (Like chronic wasting disease?) Yeah, we batted around a few ideas; perhaps all were batty.

Some stretches of Batty Doe Lake Road connected active limestone quarries. Limestone dust is almost white, and rather dramatic. We were lucky we encountered no mining vehicle convoys that would have intensely dusted us. Or any other vehicles.

Osprey w fish

And almost home, we watched this osprey with a fish balanced on a high branch, just looking around. We only saw it because our out-for-a-walk neighbor had spotted it, and we saw her in that looking-up/phone-up photography pose that points to Something of Interest. My theory is that the catching and flying took rather a lot of energy, and we caught the osprey in the resting-before-eating phase. [Without a cocktail, is such a pause still eligible to be called cocktail hour?]

Disused buildings

Traincar house

Not far from here is a house that has an incorporated train car. No one even visits the house anymore (don’t know the back story, but I’m guessing aging owner(s), plus this year’s special complication: Covid19), although someone local does mow the lawn. Anyway: train car house.

Field bldg

This is in the corner of a field that has been fenced off from the rest of the field with a small orchard. I’m guessing old chicken house, but maybe it was geese or turkeys. In any case, the building and the fruit trees seem no longer maintained/used.

Everyday until late afternoon

Geese hay

First ground-flock of Canada geese I’ve spotted…preparing to fly south?

My hypothesis: the geese find the giant hay bales nurturing.

Qa lace

A fine shot of Queen Anne’s lace aka wild carrot, an invasive species from Europe and southwest Asia, to honor Joe’s VP pick: Kamala Devi Harris (October baby!, b. 1964), US Senator and former AG of CA.

Also in the news: Big Ten, Pac 12, more cancel fall football (that is: American football).

Twice over


Get it? Sorry. Struck me as humorous. I saw this as a snap and thought I could post a posted sign. [Yes, I can be rather simple-minded.]

More than that, however, I liked the tip of the metal post poking up its red-head behind the wooden post.

S is for…

Spartan tree

Spartan! Yeah, an ag school…different kind of maize here than at that big, noisy school down the old Indian trail to the southeast.

Sheriff on bridge

Sheriff…as in behind the law on top of the bridge.

Cloud cover looks a bit thicker than it was. Just want to mention: temp about 69°F. Soooooo fiiiiiine.

Not what it looks like

Poster high

It’s not sunrise. Or sunset.

Not wisteria

It’s not wisteria, like I first thought. Just some tossed lilacs. Memory photo.



“Whoever…[did a repulsive thing]…smells like farts.” That threat cannot be improved…on a polite, public sign. No spelling points, however.

Lily loveliness

Lovely lily after overnight rain. Also: cannot be improved.

Mask requirement

Stump garden

Lovely stump garden. I’m guessing there’s a stump because an oak had butt rot.

Murphys repaving

Despite the Covid, plenty of outdoor commerce underway. New paving at Murphy’s…and Murphy’s dates back over thirty years. Also counted seven sets of yard-dudes…blowing and mowing.

We’re now under a wear-masks order here in ATL…need to check to see if it’s okay if I keep my distance from others while exercising and stay outdoors…without a mask. Just checked: no adjustment for those exercising…so I’ll be sweating extra along my jawline…oh fun.

Meme myth?

Milk crates

I know about the water-into-wine meme; perhaps this is an attempt at rocks-into-milk?

Movie diagnostics

State line sign

This kind of yellow sign with the central arrow and upside-down words means a movie shoot location. At least here.

No parking

No big trucks, but many cars were parked on a normally emptier residential street. Two security guards and no sign of grips or talent or others. I just kept going. Nothing to be seen here.

Praying mural

I’ve noticed the butterfly several times, and only today saw the praying mantis. The eyes make her/him!