Happy Boxing Day

Night ginkgo no leaves

Ah, in the night-time spotlight, this ginkgo is displaying its leafless branches with the stubby side-branchlets characteristic of winter days.

I cannot yet tell the day-length is increasing.

Run-off day

Blue light trio

The car’s blue-light special trio indicates that it is fully charged! Ready to go vote! I think there were five or possibly six offices on the run-off ballot—not just the mayor and City Council President….

Fire truck rear

As we neared the polling place, hmm, flashing lights, a fire truck, an ambulance, paramedics with a stretcher…. Not for a voter, but a “homeless” person, or at least someone likely hanging here waiting for the soup kitchen down the street to open, as they can’t spend the day on the property….

And now it’s dark and “run-off” now refers to rain, which we haven’t had in a while. Today’s high of 70°F will become a high of 45°F tomorrow. Brrrr. There’s even a hint of S-talk. Ephemeral, as it will barely reach freezing overnight Fri/Sat morning.

Of pink and drab

Late azalea bloom

Would you call this a bi-color azalea bloom? Big one, too….

Flamingo crowd

This flock (aka flamboyance or pat or…your term here) of flamingos are to mark the houses on the tour. Or this collection/bunch marks a super-house?

Crepe myrtle bark

Too much pink? This is crepe myrtle bark, with wrinkles and marks rather like a desert graben.

Traveling…through time

Sturgeon inset

I avoided stepping on this sturgeon, instead admiring it by stealing its soul (or perhaps that had already happened).

Movie choices

Westbound we watched “Wonder Woman;” this way we chose “Big Sick.” Serious contrasts there…. Enjoyed both.

Burwell area nebraska

Sometime after the movie finished, we crossed the Nebraska Sandhills pretty close to Burwell, where I lived for most of a working summer. The site we excavated dated to about 1400 and had never been plowed. So, just pasture and no center-pivot irrigation….

Food holiday = luv

Table n candles

Lotta thanks given by people gathering at table on this holiday…here and elsewhere

Dinner rolls

Our menu included nephew#2’s first dinner rolls. Only three left after eleven chowed down.

Pie duo

The highlight: dessert, of course. Apple pie we made, and pumpkin from a renowned neighborhood bakery. Both excellent. And that metal cylinder: whipped cream power shooter.

Lovely time, beautiful day (especially after the rain quit), yummy everything, great company. 🥂💖🍷

Busy, busy (no bees)

Jocks jills

Today was a blur. At one point I got new feet…meaning shoes. I tried to take a “squared-up” shot of this, but found it impossible. Was I aiready tired at 12:30?

Spiny red spheres

Those blossoms fall off and become squishy, and will compact in shoe-treads. I’m keeping my new soles away from under this shrub, so as to avoid collecting compost.

Matsutake sliced

The day wound up with a cheese board, including snuck-in French (what other kind is there, though?) unpasteurized camembert, a side of sautéed matsutake mushrooms (mmmmm), and home-made pizzas. And wine-socializing.

Busy day, and lovely. Also, there was a musical in there somewhere….

New, all aboard

Pilot zone

Wow, I get to see through the specially fortified door(way) to the pilot area!*

Feet display

And at my seat, foot elevated of course, I discover that texting (really IMing) is free, courtesy of Delta. Yay!

* And the protocol on a pilot exiting the cockpit while inflight begins with a call to the head flight attendant. Then, the flight attendants in the front block the entrance from the cabin with a drink cart and turn their attention to cabin activity, highly scrutinized. Then, they call the pilot to exit, and s/he closes the door after exiting the cockpit. Does biz, then calls the remaining pilot from the flight-attendant phone to coordinate reentry, then opens the door to return. You get the idea…many well-executed safety steps….

Scientific study (kinda)

Turquoise grape maybe

We returned to do our outdoor locale again, this time to make the Full Loop (and not the partial we did the other day). And a bit more. I also wanted to top up my Vitamin D.

Activity Device #1 indicated I did 1500 steps (‼️). Activity Device #2 indicated a super 2K steps. Before the foot thing, I notice #1 gave more than #2. Consistently. What does it mean that now #2 shows more steps?

My gut feeling is that #2 registers my strange crutch-walking gait better than #1. And #1 excels at normal walking (“steps”).

Reveal: #1 is my aging Fitbit One; #2 is my iPhone health app (comes with phone aka “camera”).

BTW: if I have to replace my Fitbit (), I’m leaning toward the Nokia Steel…especially the not-yet-available model, the Steel HR (meaning heart rate). The downside is that it has the watch confirmation…so different than my present clips-on-my-underwear model (which I kinda like). TMI?

Recovery day

Southern Crescent

We pushed through last night (the Guru did, anyway), and so today was a Bonus Day. Seemed strange to not have to prop up my hip and put my foot on the dash. But, I can adjust!

John Deere sample

Harvest in ohio

It’s harvest time in America’s breadbasket, and we saw it playing out over and over on this fine fall day. We saw dozens of tractors and harvesters busy recovering maize and soybeans, dumping them into hauling vehicles, and many trucks motoring here and there with purpose hauling the harvest from field to…the next stop. I tried to capture the field-transfer from a fast-moving car, and I should have used the burst feature…as a result of my duh!, here’s half a truck and no falling column of golden food-nodules.

Harvestor ohio

Look at the size of the giant tractors! Note how clean the tires are…you can tell the fields are dry and the weather is perfect…. We weren’t out after dark, but I bet many of the harvest crews were…using fancy light bars like this machine sports.