“Progress is made….”*


As KayakWoman has observed from their own tree-fall-on-house reconstruction this spring/summer, the progress of a major construction project is directly related to the presence/absence of…tada!…The Dumpster. And, today The Dumpster arrived.

The Dumpster arrival time had been set on Tuesday for today between 11 am and 1 pm. Actual arrival time: 4:30 pm. I hope this is not an omen; perhaps, instead, it’s the last time we have a huge delay (fingers and toes crossed).

Along with the arrival of The Dumpster, we welcomed the Demo Guys, and this is what our master bathroom sink area now looks like. All the cabinets came out without damage, whew, and so did my beloved soaking tub.

Now, the damaged area is even more exposed to the afternoon sun. With temps in the upper 80s outdoors, the AC unit’s struggles have against all odds increased to make the closed part of the upstairs even marginally inhabitable.

Ah, adventure!

* Certain phrases seem to lend themselves particularly to passive voice, although I usually try to avoid it.

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