What’s in a name, eh?


We have had many, many of these little buggers, I assume because we’ve had so much rain. But there are probably other variables involved, too.

So, what is this leetle guy? Not a beetle!

I would call it a sowbug,* and not a pill bug, which also has this same general shape. I don’t think this one rolls up like a pill bug. But this may point up the problem with common names; what do I know? Googling a bit suggests both are isopods, members of the family that includes shrimp and crabs—and even these guys have gills and need water to “breathe.”

Of all things.

* But those who are not entomologically impaired seem to refer to all of them as woodlice.

One comment

  1. Rana says:

    For me, sowbugs are slightly flatter versions of pillbugs, which can curl up into a nice round “pill.” Sowbugs don’t curl quite as well.