Getcher buns…


Too much to write about today!

The highlight was definitely socializing and dining with MBG (and Miss V)!* MMmmmm. And getting a preview of the soon to be defended and signed off on (I am very sure) diss of the lovely M. So very exciting! And such excellent research!

G loved loved loved Teddy, aka Téo (some call it an iPad), and made many excellent drawings! She’s a charmer!

On the way to our dinner engagement, we detoured through the pleasant hamlet of Georgetown OH, which is inland and uphill from the Ohio, and took a few pictures of the US (born Hiram Ulysses) Grant boyhood home; however, the big excitement in town was clearly the county fair. We left town southbound, but took old US 68, which was almost too scenic for words….

* For reasons too complicated to get into, you’ll all have to settle for this hand-written sign added to the back of a delivery truck we saw in, I think, central Ohio somewhere rather than a picture from our evening fun. Ah, that fine Midwestern humor.

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  1. Maureen Meyers says:

    well, I’m wondering what the complicated reasons are, but thanks for the honorary title of *wonder* hostess. Have done wonders with advisor since I saw you. Thanks for the uplift of mood & the wonderful wine and extraordinary company. Will send diss in a day or two.