I spent way too much money (maybe; depends on how you assess these things) and got fancy high-tech specs—both the frames and the lenses have options I’d not dreamed of when I began wearing glasses…. The frames even came with an authentication card!

Here’s the kicker: they weigh 0.30 ounces/8.5 grams!

Hint hint: note the similarity of this pair of eyes with the ones in the blog-header photo (behind the word “musings”)….

Geeezo, look at them eyebrows!


  1. Robert & Mary Jo says:

    Where’s the glasses part of the glasses?

  2. Sammy says:

    Better polish yer own lenses! They’re there!

    (At least as “plastics” rather than actual “glass.”)

  3. Kelley says:

    OK, where are the REST of the plastics? I see something under the eyes and by the nose, but what about the rest of the darned things?