Hillcrest buildings

Saint Pierre de Montmartre interior classic shot

After our first visit to Montmartre, this is the church we look for to actually enter, the Église Saint-Pierre de Montmartre, the little church.

Okay, since you probably associate Montmartre with a different Catholic architectural wonder, here’s the big place (the basilica).

Sacre coeur south variable light

The other large building up here is ignored by most, skirted, and otherwise overlooked. Of course, it’s designed to disappear into the landscape, which is quite a feat considering its bulk and proximity to the two churches. It is the Réservoir du Montmartre—yes, a hilltop water storage facility.

If you’re wondering, we came up streets and steps from the northeast, and came down the “front.” Didn’t see Amélie.

Montmartres three largest buildings

Montmartre’s three largest buildings from GoogleMaps satellite view.

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