I walked a few steps on the BeltLine for the first time in a long while (mostly pre-Covid). I know sections I haven’t been on are now open—a goal to walk them sometime…but here’s a nearby section that’s been upgraded with a springy edging for runners and anyone who wants to save their feet, knees, and spines from pounding on the harsh concrete.

The BeltLine detour lead me to go through a neighborhood I haven’t been in since the spring, and I found this luscious display of trumpet flowers, posing next to a decorative, small Corinthian (?) column supporting a sundial.


  1. Robert Douglas says:

    That’s beautiful Sammy, did you check the time as you passed by?

  2. Sammy says:

    Not sure if the sundial read 1:39pm Eastern, but that’s what the camera/phone registered. Not the same as where you are!