Night ’n day

One of the fun things about the urban scene is the neon, some of which is totally invisible by day, while at night it dominates your visual scan.

How different, too, is our perception of the city we have seen in daytime when we look at it again with a dark night obscuring so much infrastructure (and structure) from the nighttime landscape.

Pillsbury is one of the iconic brands of American foods, yet mostly it’s relegated to the bottom shelves of your local grocery, maybe appearing in a few so-called women’s magazines in conjunction with a new product (mango muffins anyone?). Here it gets its due, high above Minneapolis.

The newest high-profile resident of downtown Minneapolis: Al Franken (and his lovely—I hear—wife Frannie). And the state’s abuzz with talk about whether Al will run for office soon. I hear the bets are on the 2008 Senate race.

If you haven’t already sampled him and you have a speedy connection to the web, catch Al afternoons from 12-3 on AirAmerica radio (alternatively, you may be in the listening area of a station that actually broadcasts his show!). Sometimes he kinda phones it in, but most of the time he’s pretty engaging. He has some regulars who call in to chat with him. Christy Harvey is one of my favorites; she even has a song that Al sings to her just before she comes on the air! Al always introduces her with her long title: Director for Strategic Communications at The Center for American Progress….

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