Cheaper, cheapest?

One topic floating around these parts, highlighted by Rebecca’s editor’s comments in a recent “Atlanta Magazine” (yes, the one with Clark Howard on the cover!), is cheap behavior. You know, like when my husband spends an hour cruising the web to detect the cheapest gas prices in town, then an hour cruising out to that station to fill up a 14-gallon tank!

Still, if you need some “party wine” around your house, or want a budget alternative for daily consumption, if you can get to a Trader Joe’s try a bottle or two of Charles Shaw wines. Because their California prices are $1.99, they quickly picked up the nickname Two Buck Chuck—very clever, eh?

Anyway, you can’t deny that Two Buck Chuck is a deal (hey, most stores give a case discount on top of the already low price!), so give your cheap side free rein to try this one if you haven’t already!

Our sadness, here in Atlanta, is that the nearest Trader Joe’s is in Cincinnati, although we keep hearing rumors that Atlanta will get a store soon! Our fingers are crossed!

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