Mac charm

PC people: know that I love you anyway. But I sure don’t understand why you (home-users) stay with such a flawed set-up. Viruses by the dozen, awkward operating system and hours to upgrade, upload, and perform just about any other system/software tweak. Think of the person-hours invested in keeping the darned things slogging along!

Maybe you’ve heard about the worm out there that infects Macs (NYT story). Realize that (as I understand it) you have to have a particular operating system (OSX 10.4), be running iChat, manually decompress the worm file, and type in your administrative-level user name and password for it to go. That’s an awful lot of steps and unusual ones at that!

Mac people: still virus free!

P.S. That’s good ol’ Mac Sage in the photo. Wrote my MA thesis on it! It was named for a spice-bottle sticker it acquired sometime after this photo was taken.

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