Mrs. Stewart’s

Well, I’m not trying to shock you with the unexpected, but I just have to mention Mrs. Stewart’s bluing. My friend Mary Jo told me a while back that it’s just the bee’s knees (not a direct quote!), and I finally got around to checking it out, and I’m very impressed.

By adding a teeny amount of Mrs. Stewart’s to the water of your laundry load, you will end up with brighter whites—and even colors—with no bleach, or further effort!

You can read plenty you’ve probably never learned about laundry strategies and techniques on the Mrs. Stewart’s web pages—click here! In short, it’s inexpensive, it’s easy to use, and, geeze, what’re you waiting for?

The bottle of Mrs. Stewart’s I bought had a neck hanger (which I mistakenly thought was a neckanger the first time I heard the term) with suggestions for other uses for the bluing, like making blue crystals! Now that sounds like fun!

In short, one way or another, you should swoop up a bottle of Mrs. Stewart’s and improve your quality of life!

Now, I just have to ask, do I get any points for not calling this stuff “the product” in this whole entry????

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