Chestnut victory?

Sorry I didn’t note the name of the photog who made this wonderful shot of crewing at the Olympics—reminds me of a water strider!

Today’s NY Times reports great news for fans of the nearly absent American chestnut tree—a stand near Albany (say Al-benny, like two guys names), in South Georgia, that appears to be resistant to the blight that’s killed off most of their relatives. Our Southern oak forests used to have a huge component of chestnuts, most of which were killed off in the early 20th c. Some chestnuts do sprout, but are usually dead before they are 20 yrs old, still from the blight. Up in the mountains, loggers as late as the 1960s were removing fallen chestnut logs, because the demand for the wood was so high.

Apologies for repeating myself about the chestnut blight, but I had to pass along this good news….

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