UP Exploration

To celebrate the week’s end, we set off on a trek around the area (broadly speaking!). One of the most scenic spots we stopped at was Munising Falls, tucked back up in a little canyonette the water has carved back in the bluff overlooking Munising Bay. Even in the bright afternoon sun, this little spot was pretty shady. I tried to look around for unusual plant species, but didn’t have much opportunity and didn’t spot any. We did see several robust specimens of parsnips, which I always have to make certain are not poison hemlock. The two are related botanically, as both are members of the carrot family, or were when the guide I’m looking at was published.

The falls got major competition from our lunch spot at the local park in Grand Marais, however, where we had a terrific view of Lake Superior. Mom’s comment: the lake looks superior today!

Toward the end of our route, we stopped at an unofficial overlook of the Manistique River, and I finally could check for wild blueberries. A few plants have a good crop, but most are barren this year, and the berries are small, but, surprisingly, not seedy. I think it would take quite a while to find enough for a pie, though, so I stuck with stuffing my face with a few meager handfuls.

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