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Sign from Oaxaca, years ago.

Below is table of some numbers I’ve been contemplating late this afternoon, estimated populations for some cities, with populations above 10,000 people, across Mesoamerica at the time the Spanish arrived in their grand quest for wealth and souls.

The obvious conclusion is that they encompass a wide variety of population densities—probably because the community is spread across rugged ground or substantial areas between the houses are allocated to gardens, although there may be other reasons. But what else?

name region area (ha) population density
Tenochtitlan* Central Mexico 1350 212,500 157.41
Tzintzuntzan West Mexico 674 30,000 44.51
Texcoco Central Mexico 450 24,100 53.56
Mayapan Yucatán 420 21,000 50.00
Zacapu West Mexico 1100 20,000 18.18
Huexotla Central Mexico 300 17,100 57.00
Yautepec Central Mexico 209 15,100 72.25
San Juan Teotihuacan Central Mexico 250 13,500 54.00
Chalco Central Mexico 250 11,000 44.00
Otumba Central Mexico 220 10,700 48.64
Naco Southeast Mesoamerica 160 10,000 62.50

*Where the center of Mexico City is now (the Zócalo).

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