Ice World

Today, I finally got a chance to escape the house and go for a walk. The weather, of course, was not propitious. For two days, we’ve been hearing about the storm headed our way, with predictions of rain, snow, sleet, and ice. The morning arrived with some ice coating the vegetation, but the road out front, a primary county road, had enough traffic to be merely wet. We made it to the 8:15 am doctor’s appointment driving through rain and road splatter, but even the bridges were not icy. By 10:20 when I left the house to walk, the rain had even quit, although I wisely wore my rain gear. Sure enough, the moisture kicked back in, first rain, then rain mixed with sleet, then RSS, then mostly sleet and snow. The ice-coated vegetation had begun to accumulate a layer of snow when my allotted hour-and-fifteen minutes were up. I was so glad to have gotten out!

By mid-afternoon, the wind kicked up, knocking some of the ice off, crash-tinkle, against the sliding glass door. Nasty day for outdoor activities. Welcome to December!

* RSS = rain, sleet, and snow

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