On Broken Pond

I am mystified as to how these breaks in the ice covering First Pond occurred. Can’t be jumping frogs or landing Canada Geese, right? So, what?

One comment

  1. Pooh says:

    Perhaps they are like stretch marks in the ice. As the ice expands as it freezes*, maybe it pushes or pulls on the weaker spots. Or if the green plants below it or still doing a small amount of photosynthesis, that would release some CO2 which might interact w/ the ice?
    Blathering out loud here – I really don’t know.

    *Water becomes denser w/ decreasing temperatures down to 4 degrees C, then it expands and becomes lighter as it turns to ice. Then as the temperature continues to drop, the solid water (ice) will again follow the normal density – temperature relation. The expansion is what makes ice float, thereby allowing life to continue below the ice.