Tower construction

I don’t remember that we had these blocks—Lincoln logs, yes, but I don’t remember these. Stupendous gift! And their shapes give much more possibility than Lincoln logs, it seems to me….

Some proficiency with engineering skills are apparent in both the bro’s boys (perhaps courtesy of Grandpa on their Mom’s side, who was a Boeing engineer), and here’s the colorful tower the oldest has been modifying since yesterday.

The rest of us have been concentrating on eating pie, visiting John Howell park (especially the fire truck), washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen over and over, and other mundane tasks.

Today’s biggest mundane headline is probably that my PC-forever-for-no-good-reason (if you ask me!) bro, tada!, bought a new (ACDC) Mac laptop! I look forward to hearing how much he ends up running it as a PC, as we urge him to convert to “our way”—a thousand pardons for my proselytizing!


  1. mouse's moom says:

    you go girl!!!

  2. Sammy says:

    Thanks! We old folks, or older than the new folks, have to remind the new folks of the, tada!, progression of toys (aka artifacts). Luv.