Rm w/view

We accomplished the first major moving day, and Mom is settled in her new residence, as planned, with enough furniture to limp through until the second major moving day. Here’s her night-view, complete with holiday icicle* lights and a wan half-mast flag. Not bad, eh?

I suppose this place is pretty good, perhaps very good, as these places go, at least the ones with prices potentially within reach of the Middle Class, but I will have to get used to the institutional feel (like a dormitory, that way).

The Botanist and I dined with Mom this evening, and got the full feel of the place you could say, choice of Salisbury steak or beef ravioli. But the indisputable hit was the all-you-can-eat ice cream (butter pecan from a huge industrial food-service size container). Remind me, however, to specify “no dressing, please” when next I order salad, so I can avoid the unnatural orange “French” (bah, humbug!) dressing awarded to unwary diners willy-nilly.

One more big push, planned for Sunday, and we’ll have the furniture in place, and can figure out wall decorations and curtains, then that should be most of the move-in hubbub**.

* There’s a difficult-to-spell word, especially if you haven’t seen it in a while!

** Etymological footnote courtesy Mac Dictionary…ORIGIN mid-16th century: perhaps of Irish origin; compare with the Irish exclamations ababú, abú, used in battle cries.

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