Coin collecting


I think pretty highly of Atlanta’s mayor, Shirley Franklin, but sometimes I wonder if the entrenched system has unalterable aspects. Now, I discovered, it takes three men, two armed and apparently vigilant, to collect the city’s nickels. The guy on the left never took his eyes, as near as I could tell, off the meter-emptier; so much for what’s going on in the general area (including directions perps might enter the scene from). Is this more Homeland Security dole working for the benefit of all?


  1. mouse's moom says:

    How long did you stand there watching them? With my luck, somebody would’ve asked, “may I help you ma’am?”

    It reminds me of the stupid signs at the entrances to the schoolyard. Something on the order of, “all visitors to the grounds MUST report to the office.” Like that’s gonna stop the AK47 bad-guy-shoot-em-up folk. Like I keep saying, “When it comes to the Haisley neighborhood, I *yam* Homeland Security.”

  2. Sammy says:

    I just kept moving, said hi to the emptier when I passed him on the sidewalk, then turned around when I got past and took the photo, of which I suspect they were totally unaware. That’s alertness in the security realm!