Fifteen milestones


Someone turned fifteen today. Which, here in GA, means she can go down to the DMV and get a learner’s license, allowing her to drive accompanied by a licensed driver over twenty-one. If she passed a computer-administered “written” test.

Which she did. Unlike, she reported, a line of adults in front of her.

And in a year and a day, she can take more tests, and, we are confident, become a “real” driver. And then her laminated document will be the same color as ours.

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  1. mouse's moom says:

    Boy, you are right about people having trouble with that test. We can renew licenses online every other time, so I only have to take that test once every eight years or so. Once, when the kids were little and it had been quite some time since I’d taken the test, I was actually kind of nervous about it. When I got there, there was a kid who was struggling with taking the test. I had to wait in line a bit and by the time I was done with the test, he was *still* struggling.

    One of the “trick” questions on the MI test is about drunk driving. It asks what percentage of accidents are alcohol-related. Oddly enough, one of the smaller percentages is the correct answer. There is so much publicity about drunk driving (not without good reason) that I wonder how many people miss that one by picking the highest percentage.