Thomas Perry, “Silence” (2007). Saw it recommended somewhere. It’s another of the interminable detective/mystery titles that I inhale regularly. Time frame is “present.”

First wrong step: main good guy is an ex-cop private detective who apparently isn’t aware that high(er)-end rental vehicles are likely to have GPS units that would allow someone to track his (car’s) whereabouts. The guy’s otherwise quite sharp, so this is annoying.

Second wrong step: main bad guy offs a cop in his cop car on a road near rental car outlets at a mid-sized California airport, without any concern that such events and his own (rental) car’s license* plate may well be visible to surveillance cameras.

Annoying missteps.

And (sigh) this is less than half-way through….

Ten pages later. Oops on me. Second step developed into a plot line as cops checked out that vehicle when its drivers were getting a bite in a highway diner, and, but that’s enough for now!


* Brit./Can.: licence

Today’s vocabulary:


female offspring of placental mammal who was a twin with a male in utero and the male’s hormones affected the female such that she is sterile; most commonly noticed and applied to cattle and sheep.

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  1. Mary Jo says:

    So, how does this relate to ‘freemason’? The male equivalent?