Fennel seeds

More evidence that autumn is flirting.

I was poking about on the wee old internet for more info on Foeniculum vulgare, as I’m relatively uninformed. It has a “diverse pharmacological spectrum,” and you can find extended rabbit-holes on that chemistry. Not really my thing.

In Spanish, fennel’s common name is hinojo. It’s even better in Italian: finocchio. However, neither is as excellent as Dutch: venkel. There; is that enough? I so enjoy linguistic diversity!

What’s in a name?

Shelf fungi edge

When I was a pre-literate tot and my dad identified these types of ’shrooms to me I heard “shell fungi.” It made sense to me because the tops looked rather like the Shell gas shells.

I felt let down when I found out they were really shelf fungi. Of course, that name makes sense, too.

Title from star-crossed Juliet who may never have seen such fungi by any name.


Detritus line

Last night, we had more rain, or more rain at once, than I noticed zzzzzz. Look at the line of detritus the water left behind. Not a wrack line, and neither flotsam nor jetsam. Just organic material without an ocean or tide.

BTW, that’s plastic not grass beneath the…Stuff.

Observation “science”

Gooey fungi

I think I’ve done this before in this “space”: my hypothesized taxonomy, this time for fungi.

Dry fungi

The first would be “wet” fungi, and this would be “dry” fungi. Although it looks like there are a few “wet” fungi encroaching on the decorative, “dry” fungi.

Okay, hypothesis is muddy, and therefore: nope.

My life in Spanish

Fennel blooms

Hoy: caliente y húmeda incluso antes de las 8 de la mañana.

And we’re getting the third overhead rain cell right NOW, for an extra boost of humidity! Oh, yay!



Almost everything that catches my eye when I’m out “taking my exercise” is what you’d expect…sidewalks and streets, traffic, parked vehicles, road signs, mailboxes, plants and lawns, dog-walkers, joggers, kid’s toys, puddles, organic matter that the rain last night downed, wandering cats, stray chipmunks, assorted flags—all that you’d expect in a neighborhood-with-a-small-business-area. Special today: garbage containers.

This I didn’t anticipate: juse…written in white paint on an industrial electrical conduit box. Still trying to decode “juse.”

In which I became glooberificated

Sky infra

I checked my fave weather app at 7am (ish) and it said to expect rain (and lightning) by 11am. I checked later, and it indicated not until 1pm. It was 11:20 by the time I hit the street and…looking up, hmm, weather-y, but not so bad. Then, a few drops. I wisely had stayed close enough to the house that I looped myself in the back door and acquired a big umbrella, thanks to a hand-off from the Guru.

Flag out

Twenty minutes later, I figured I was in the clear, but within two more minutes, the drizzle was kicking in. Mr. Personal-Putting-Green (see entry perhaps a month ago) had his flag out. In the rain. Got my blood pressure up. I took a photo and kept going.

Good rain

Of course, by the time I was in the final stretch the weather had clinched the deal and I was super-glad I had the umbrella. Or my walk would have been gloobered up. (See Kayakwoman for this vocabulary.)


Four doors

Growing up a few miles from Oldsmobile central, and several counties away from Ford central (and others), car talk, uncapitalized, was almost as frequent a topic as the weather. I remember hearing four-door and two-door much more commonly than their equivalents, sedan and coupe. The latter sound waaaay too “uptown” and worldly for my neighborhood.

This lot used to be full of shade-making vegetation. I miss it. If the doors are from the house or the pool-house, why are they on the sidewalk?


Tired bench

Bench for the tired. Or tired bench.

Legal limit

Legal limit. Boundary issue.

Rose is a rose

A rose is a rose….

Moment of zen

Petal wash

So much rain that spring petals washed downstream….


Around the corner: wisteria!

Delicate iris

Later I found this delicate iris—shape contrasts to the usual bulkier ones….

Of course, that title phrase is not original…just saying I find flowers relaxing, which is meditative (literal meaning of the Japanese word).