Here’s one of those mini-driveway bridges I mentioned on Friday, all hooked up. It’s an odd, specific contraption.

In other neighborhood news, someone’s shooting a new state lottery commercial. Tomorrow.

Title refers to a new mini-addiction: watching Le Meilleur Pâtissier. In French, no subtitles. A challenge. I did know what beurre noisette means and how to make it; yay!

What frogs?

In one of those species naming mysteries, this lovely flower is in the genus Ranunculus, which refers to little frogs.

Time change day

I was hungry at the wrong times (according to the clock), and I awakened rather early (according to the clock), and generally discombobulated all day. Even simple things can be complicated. [Like the spelling of ginkgo….]

21st century pondering

I’m guessing this is a Stereum species. They prefer deadwood, and this is on a decomposing stump. They prefer oaks, and the stump is oak-wood.

Autocorrect wants it to be sternum. Not the same at all. However, since I’m guessing, can I criticize autocorrect for guessing?

Cast your eyes to the skies

I called this photo night light. So clever (haha). That’s pretty much the apex of my wit and wisdom at this moment.

Maybe I’d have more of both if I had Magne’s hammer, or if it was nearby (just finished watching season 2 of Ragnarⱺk—that’s really a non-traditional “o” from the Swedish Dialect Alphabet and not the one in the logo, but this version was a new one on me…so I’m sharing).

Clear skies

Sometime today, yesterday’s Cascades became today’s Rockies. These long lakes are all fake, or perhaps more kindly, they’re reservoirs. With abundant power generation. I’ll take the reflections.

This murder scene welcomed us to tonight’s overnight housing.

When I first arrived, as part of the dying fish tableau, I watched a male mallard preen before departing. And among the plants, several Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, which I know as kinnikinnick (from the Algonquian referring to the plant’s use as a smoking substance).

If I understood the weather prediction correctly, places we’ve been today and will visit tomorrow will have snowfall Wednesday after we are out on the Great Plains.

Petal hyphen

Here’s a glorious crown or petal-cloud.

And so many petals that when they fall, they make petal-drifts.

[No Eye of Horus sequence here….]

Las rosas

Pink hyacinth

“Las rosas” can mean “the pink ones” or “the roses.” Or both. Here, it’s the pink ones. From our property. Hyacinths.

Pinky redbud

And redbud. With an emerging leaf cluster.

No roses.

And, I have no idea what the Spanish name is of the flower we call pinks. Fortunately for this discussion, there are none on our property….

Not exalted

Rain drips windshield

After several lovely days of sun and warmth, we’re in winter mode, and winter here means rainy. I listened to the morning meteorology report and zoomed out early to miss the rain. Instead I got misted on, while if I’d headed out in the afternoon and timed it properly, I could have missed the precip entirely.

Mist. Missed. Didn’t intend to do that!

Watching “Only Connect”—name drawn from the EM Forster in “Howard’s End”: “Only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted.” Show is addictive.

I don’t know

Maybe auracaria

We’ve now watched the entire first season of “Bordertown,” which is set in Lappeenranta, in southern Finland, and shot in Finnish. Or we are watching it in Finnish, with subtitles. Turns out, after listening to hours of Finnish dialogue, I got nothing. Well, perhaps yes and no…just checked: they’re juu/joo and ei…so, hmm, perhaps not?

And this tree, every time I walk by it, I think: Araucaria. After a wee internet dive, I may be wrong about that, too.